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Zapp & Roger - Computer Love


And I’d lie for you, I’d cry for you and pop for you and break for you and hate for you. And I’ll hate you too if you want me too…


Erykah Badu / Back in the Day


Erykah Badu | Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long


you can’t be what i need you to, and i don’t know why i fuck with you.


Erykah Badu-Out My Mind, Just In Time

Has a song ever made you have an “Aha moment!”….like this is it, this is the one….

From the part where she sings,

I’m a recovering undercover over-lover recovering from a love I can’t get over
recovering undercover over-lover and now my common law lover thinks he wants another
And I’d lie for you
I’d cry for you
and pop for you
and break for you
and hate for you
And hate you too
If you want me too
I’d pray for you
crochet for you
Make it from scratch for you
Leave out the last for you
Go to the store for you
Do it some more for you
Do what you want me to
Yes I’m a fool for you…..

To the part where she sings “Mannnn, fuck this shit

I can write a 50 page essay on how authentic this song is.


Erykah Badu, “Next Lifetime” from Baduizm (Universal, 1997)


Erykah Badu - Otherside of the game


02 Baduizm [1997]  Erykah Badu

03 Brown Sugar [1995] D’Angelo

04 Love Deluxe [1992] Sade

05 12 Play [1993] R. Kelly

06 The Velvet Rope [1997] Janet Jackson

07 Forever My Lady [1991] Jodeci

08 My Love Is Your Love [1998] Whitney Houston

09 The Bachelor [1996] Ginuwine

10 The Miseducation of … [1998] Lauryn Hill

11-20 …

11 Faith [1995] Faith Evans

12 Long Time No See [1997] Chico DeBarge

13 Share my World [1997] Mary J. Blige

14 Where I Wanna Be [1999] Donell Jones

15 Sons of Soul [1993] Tony! Toni! Tone! 

16 Groove Theory [1995] Groove Theory

17 One In A Million [1996] Aaliyah 

18 My Way [1997] Usher

19 Butterfly [1997] Mariah Carey

20 CrazySexyCool [1994] TLC


Erykah Badu || Didn’t Cha Know

Neo Soul →


Quiet beauty is the best kind to portrait in the art museum of your eyes.
Especially when her body curves like a sunset into the ocean.

If most men could see underneath the sky of that dashiki dress
they would want to dip their sunset into your ocean.

The mystery and temptation laced in…

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